Buyer’s Guide and review’s : Top 5 Microwave oven


You get some of the best Microwave oven in India, you would rarely find a kitchen without a microwave oven. The best brand manufacturers products are available in India are IFB, LG, Samsung, Bajaj, and Morphy Richards microwave ovens. microwave oven price start is 5000.

Convection capacity Microwave oven in india

  • Access Cooking Buttons
  • Power Consumption
  • High watt for faster cooking
  • Brand credibility, Warranty, and Service.

Top 5 brands of best microwave oven with convection

  • LG 32 Litters Convection Microwave Oven – MC3286BRUM
  • IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven – 20SC2
  • Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven – CE1041DSB2/TL
  • Bajaj 17 L Solo Microwave Oven – 1701 MT
  • Morphy Richards 20 L Solo Microwave Oven – 20 MS

1. LG 32 Litters Convection microwave oven with convection

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The LG (Life’s good ) convection microwave oven is a favorite with many a homemaker in India. When you use LG products in your home this 32-liter capacity. That is perfectly suitable for large families.

This microwave oven has used 211 Indian cook menu options. This oven is capable of baking twelve different types of rotis like Naans, Kulchas, Parathas, Lachchas, Tandoori rotis, Rumali rotis, and so on at one touch of a button.

The LG 32-ltrs appliance is the best microwave oven with convection in India. Microwave oven of lg one is also 28 litres and being a convection model it can basically do anything like grilling, roasting, reheating, defrosting, baking, and many more.

Product Specification

Brand name : LG (life’s goods)
Model : MC3286BLT
Capacity : 32 L
Color : Brown color
Control Type : Tact (Buttons)
Frequency : 2450 MHz
Display Type : LED Digital Display
Preheat : Yes
Timer : Yes
Defrost : Yes
Power Levels : 5
Cavity Material : Stainless Steel
Turntable : Yes
Turntable Material : Glass
Power Output : 900 W
Requirement : AC 230 watts , 50 Hz
Consumption – Grill : 1250 W Convection : 2450 W Microwave : 900 W
Width X Height X Depth : 53 cm X 31.5 cm X 52 cm Turntable Diameter : 34 cm
Weight : 20 kg


  • A multipurpose cooking appliance
  • 32-litre capacity makes it ideal for large Indian families
  • Easy and safe to use


  • Cannot carry heavy loads in LG microwave oven
  • Can make noise at times

  2. IFB 20 Litters Convection Microwave Oven

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IFB microwave oven is a global leader in the manufacture of kitchen and home appliances. This 20 L microwave oven is ideal for small families and bachelors. The convection Microwave Oven different options such as grilling, defrosting, reheating, and cooking.

One of the difficult features of this appliance is that it provides multi-stage cooking.  This convection microwave oven features a digital time display option to inform you about the cooking time, power level, and time at every stage of the cooking process.

Product Specification

Brand : IFB
Capacity : 20 L
Color : Silver
Frequency : 2450 MHz
Display Type : LED
Preheat : Yes
Timer : Yes
Defrost : Yes
Power Levels : 10
Temperature Range : 110 – 200 degree C
Temperature Range Levels : 10
Other Performance Features : Speed Defrost
Auto Cook Menu : 24
Cooking Completion Indicator : Yes
Cooking Modes : Convection, Grill, Microwave
Door Type : Handle
Turntable : Yes
Turntable Material : Glass
Power Output : 800 W
Requirement : AC 230 V, 50 Hz
Consumption – Grill : 1200 Watts
Consumption – Convection : 2200 Watts
Power Consumption – Microwave : 1200 Watts
Remote : No
Width X Height X Depth : 45.2 cm X 26.2 cm X 39 cm
Turntable Diameter : 24.5 cm
Cavity Width X Height X Depth : 31.5 cm X 21 cm X 32.9 cm
Weight : 14.3 kg


  • Cooking appliance for small families
  • Easy to use features
  • High-quality performance


  • The cavity is small
  • Baking cakes is an issue with this oven

3. Samsung 28 Litters convection microwave oven – CE1041DSB2/TL

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This microwave oven Samsung convection is one of the best in the business. Because of performance coupled with its attractive looks. This oven capacity of 28 litres, suitable for standard Indian family.

Rotis is one of the best features of this convection microwave oven. it is used for making rotis, Naans, Paratha, and other items. This Samsung convection options and other useful features microwave oven is best.

This microwave oven comes with LED display features that are easy to understand. The Quartz convection heater is of the highest quality.

Product Specification

Brand : Samsung
Type : Convection
Capacity : 28 L
Color : Black
Control Type : Touch Key Pad (Membrane)
Display Type : LED Display
Preheat : Yes
Timer : No
Defrost : Yes
Power Levels : 6
Steam Cook : No
Door Type : Handle
Turntable : Yes
Output : 900 W
Requirement : AC 230 V, 50 Hz
Consumption – Grill : 1500 W Convection : 2100 W Microwave : 1400 W
Height : 31 cm
Depth : 47.48 cm
Cavity Width : 35.8 cm Height : 23.55 cm Depth : 32.7 cm
Weight : 17.5 kg


  • Samsung Microwave Oven High-quality performance
  • Six power levels with a convection temperature range from 40 to 200 degrees Celsius
  • Enables uniform cooking


  • This product does not come with a starter kit. 

4. Bajaj 17 Litters Solo Microwave Oven with convention – 1701 MT

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This Bajaj solo microwave manufacturing with a 17-litres capacity. This oven is ideal for couples and bachelors.

Microwave oven is different from mechanical control knobs.  This is to maintain and control the temperature and heating level depending on the type of food you cook.

This microwave oven comes one-year warranty on the product.

Product Specification

Brand : Bajaj
Model Name : 1701MT
Type : Solo
Capacity : 17 L
Color : White
Control Type : Mechanical Knob
Preheat : No
Timer : Yes
Defrost : Yes
Maximum Cooking Time : 30 min
Power Output : 700 W
Width : 40.99 cm
Height : 30.98 cm
Depth : 51.99 cm
Weight : 12.2 kg


  • Effective features Bajaj microwave oven
  • Five power levels to let you cook according to your requirements
  • Excellent looks complemented by a high-quality performance


  • Not suitable for baking/grilling food
  • No digital controls

5. Morphy Richards 20 Litters Solo Microwave Oven – 20 MS

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This 20 L solo microwave oven is ideal for small families, as it caters to their entire requirements. you can use it for activities like reheating, defrosting and cooking. You cannot bake cakes, rotis, and other foods. it is not ideal for grilling activities.

The manual timer is easy to use. The microwave oven brand does not come with a starter kit. You can download one from the internet.

This oven has a rotational dial to make it easy for the user to control the microwave functions. Reliable for 21 to 30 Liters for 2- 4 member family.

The best aspect of solo microwave oven is that they consume the least power of all the various types of Microwave Oven with convention.

Product Specification

Brand : Morphy Richards
Model Name : 20MS
Type : Solo
Capacity : 20 L
Color : Black
Tact (Buttons)Preheat : No
Timer : Yes
Defrost : yes
Power Levels : 5
Door Type : Mirror Glass
Output : 800 W
Width : 40 cm
Height : 22 cm
Depth : 30 cm
Weight : 13.5 kg


  • Exquisite design and exemplary performance
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for the small Indian family


  • A starter kit is not available with the product
  • No digital controls

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